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Is the Baker any better or is it meant to upgrade 4 speeds?

Much stronger and higher quality than the Harley gearbox..

The Harley box is a pretty solid box,, but,, like all things made by Harley has issues.... the ideal ratio depends on the horsepower, weight, torque and red line of the engine,, as well as the primary and secondary gear ratios....

Is a Baker 5 speed an upgrade from a stock 5 speed on an Evo?

really wanted that low rev 6th gear over a stock 5 speed at 145 K/ph. But, if were me, just do the baker shifting forks and be done with it.

Yea, Baker gears are surely better, but the HD stuff is not sheet either.

Just saw one on Craigslist for 00 and started wondering if it would be a worthwhile investment.

My tranny is already polished and while the bike only has 16k original miles, the tranny has been gone through and rebuilt.

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