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Over the next decades it became a central venue of the Danish Golden Age with Bernhard Severin Ingemann as a central figure. Located in the park is the Vænget building which contains Adam Wilhelm Hauch's Physical Cabinet, one of the largest collections of scientific instruments in Europe.The conventual church is an example of Cistercian craftsmanship.Holberg was also consulted on the organization of the academy and the appointment of professors.Jens Schielderup Sneedorff was appointed professor in political sciences on his recommendation in 1751.Sorø Academy (Danish, Sorø Akademi) is a boarding school and gymnasium located in the small town of Sorø, Denmark.It traces its history back to the 12th century when Bishop Absalon founded a monastery at the site, which was confiscated by the Crown after the Reformation, and ever since, on and off, it has served as an educational institution, in a variety of forms, including as a knight academy founded by Christian IV and a venue for higher learning during the Danish Golden Age.

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samt fejl som er en direkte flge af at materiellet str stille. There will be help for the loading at the location.It is the third longest church in Denmark, and is one of the first Danish churches built of brick.The Reformation whitewashed the traditional decorations of the church; recently the ancient murals have been uncovered and in part restored.Danish writer and academian Ludvig Holberg bequested most of his fortune to re-establishing the academy in 1750 after a devastating fire.A lecture in an Equestrian Academy, painted by Reinhold Timm, who taught at Sorø from 1623, or Pieter Isaacsz for Rosenborg Castle; part of a series of seven paintings depicting the seven Liberal arts, here rhetoric.

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