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Text was accompanied by a slideshow, a picture gallery, or video.They produced 16 stories on topics covering sexuality and gender, disability, health, the environment, education, and employment.The Kenyans, says Donohue, “took to the technology like ducks to water.” By the end of the week, each had produced a short biographical video about another student.

Getting a good story takes a lot of time and really depends on being a good observer and being able to digest what you see quickly.” For the BU students, the trip provided some valuable insight into the strengths, and on occasion, the shortcomings of foreign aid: it can fund new programs and bolster existing ones.C., the College of Communication, the School of Public Health, and the Center for Global Health & Development.The project was funded by a 0,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.Reporting in Kenya presented interesting challenges. Hanson and Nyanya confronted a problem that many international correspondents face: they had the opportunity to nail a great story, but felt they were taking advantage of a source’s vulnerable situation.While visiting a gold mine, they saw workers using mercury to separate gold.

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