Kid dating chat room

My 9-year-old son spends a lot of time on the computer surfing the Internet and instant messaging his friends.But I worry about him getting into trouble with strangers online. Simple surfing and instant messaging with friends are common activities for kids — and generally safe, if you've discussed some rules of use with them.Club Penguin is one of the most popular kiddie worlds with around 200 million registered users and an average age between 11 and 12, according to KZero.

Take an interest in the sites your son is visiting and the people with whom he is chatting (some shady characters pose as kids or teens in chat rooms to seem less threatening).

"It’s just the idea of these little kids," she said.

is a dating site that helps single parents find bosom friends and reliable life partners.

Most important, talk to him about the dangers of interacting with strangers online and remind him that people online often don't tell the truth.

The FBI also recommends that parents maintain access to young kids' online accounts and randomly check their email.

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