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On our second morning, I managed to get a once in a lifetime shot of two sisters sparring in the water. The next morning, we bumped into the dominant male and father of the four sisters; old Wagdoh (Scarface) out on the road, and a day later, photographed him at the lake.

We also got the other two sisters around the lake during the week.

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In November-2014, I visited Ranthambore that is India’s most famous tiger reserve.The next morning, I bumped into ‘Spotty’ (sister of ‘Dotty’) and two of her cubs (8-9 months old) in Zone 1.On my next to the last safari, I bumped into ‘Solo’ in Zone 2, a mature female at distance for a nice tiger habitat shot as she sat in the morning sun looking for prey.Kanha Tiger Reserve – Madhya Pradesh State – Count: 1 tiger…! Sightings were down at that time but I finally was able to catch the ‘Budbudi’ female tiger one morning as she walked, roared and scent marked looking for a mate.She came real close to our jeep and crossed in front of us, and then posed on the other side.

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