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The air conditioner had chosen a particularly steamy day—August 20, 2013—to shut down. The past few months had been marked by too many scandals, blunders, and embarrassments.

That January, Cook County’s sheriff, Tom Dart, had sent one of his top aides to investigate why so little crime was being reported in this town of 5,400 just south of Chicago.

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Not only were residents kept in the dark on the quarry, but the Cook County sheriff discovered that a village trustee involved in making the deal had accepted ,300 in campaign contributions from the proposed developer.

What makes Robbins’s vast range of seemingly intractable problems particularly heartbreaking is the town’s rich history.

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The room was hot and thick, the result of a piece of bad luck.Three months after that, the replacement for Davis would be pushed out, too. In terms of sheer poverty, lawlessness, and corruption, there are worse towns in America.There are places that are poorer, though not in Cook County, where Robbins’s paltry ,800 median household income—not even 40 percent of the countywide ,600—ranks dead last among 134 municipalities, and its 30 percent unemployment rate between 20 dwarfs the county’s 12 percent.There are places with worse gang problems, though Robbins has in recent years become a beachhead for the Gangster Disciples and Black P Stones.It’s not a place where shots ring out every night, though some nights the snap-and-pop is unmistakable.

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