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Book reviews and essays are evaluated by the editors, and are not send to reviewers. 18) The submission of manuscripts implies the cession of authorial and publication rights to Topoi. Content and opinions presented in the articles and essays, as well as the accuracy of the bibliographic and documental references, however, are exclusively the responsibility of the authors.Likewise, translations of previously published articles depend exclusively on the approval by the Editorial Board. Unpublished thesis or dissertation AZEVEDO, Francisca Lucia Nogueira de. Revista de História publishes original articles, essays, interviews, debates, translations and critical reviews in the field of History, and accepts collaborations year-round, via email [email protected]

12) Quotations in foreign language should appear in translation in the main text; the original, untranslated text should be in a footnote, with clear indication of the source of the translation.

Line spacing between the previous paragraph and the subtitle is one blank line, while between the subtitle and the next paragraph there is none.

10) Text should be in Times New Roman 12-point font; fully justified; standard tab (1.25 cm) at the beginning of each paragraph; line spacing 1.5; A4 page size; top, bottom, left and right margins should be set at 2.5 cm.

An abstract and keywords in English should also follow, with the same requirements. Rio de Janeiro: PUC-Rio; Edições Loyola; IUPERJ, 2007.

Topoi adopt footnotes, with complete reference, numbered consecutively with arabic algarisms. Para uma história dos conceitos das letras coloniais luso-brasileiras dos séculos XVI, XVII e XVIII.

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