Plesk stats not updating linux

For other issues please check the articles below or contact Plesk Technical Support : #213936305 - How to recalculate statistics for a particular domain on Plesk for Llinux?

#213901965 - How to recalculate AWStats statistics from logs for previous months #213950065 - How to rerun daily maintenance tasks separately #213369069 - Domain statistics are not calculated if the 'cronie' and 'cronie-anacron' packages are installed #213394209 - How to enable logging of daily maintenance task #213372649 Statisic calculation fails with "No such file or directory" error.

Also, check your setting to make sure that it is not set to ‘quiet’ mode, this will allow you to see any error messages that webalizer may have BTW, the ’statistics’ program does a lot more than just trigger webalizer.

Amongst other things, it also takes care of the web log file rotations and PSA usage calculations.

Webstat data stopped being updated on a daily basis.

Simply recalculating statistics using the following command did not fix the issue as command has hanged: # /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/statistics --calculate-one --domain-name=There are hanged tasks in processes: # ps auxf |grep stat root 22754 0.0 0.0 88416 2092 ?

The statistics program sends the hit data to webalizer via the ‘/dev/stdin’ so webalizer never actually accesses any log file directly.statistics]# /usr/bin/webalizer -F clf -p -c ../conf/-n -o ./webstat -D /usr/local/psa/var/lib/webalizer/webalizer.cache -N 50 logs/access_log.processed. If after some investigations it is required to generate statistic from a particular date use #213901965 article.The domain has Apache logs, however, statistics for that period are not shown at Even if you try running the Plesk utility statistics manually, the missing statistics are not included.

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