Presentshop online dating

The biggest argument against online dating websites is this whole issue of dishonesty.

So long as it's done safely and both parties are sensible about meeting and getting commited then online dating will continue to be one of the best and most innovative ways to meet a partner today.

Some might argue that it's reached its peak and will stay there.

With nobody outraged at the so-called 'madness of it all' any more, it's kept going by the people involved in it; the lonely hearts who are longing to meet each other.

The dating world has radically transformed over the last few decades.

Combine advances in technology with radical changes in social roles and a rise in non-traditional relationships and sexual preferences, and you end up with a pretty confusing dating environment. Eli Finkel joins the Curiosity Podcast to discuss everything from the psychology of attraction to Tinder to pickup artists – and everything in-between. Finkel is a social psychology professor who studies interpersonal attraction, marriage, conflict resolution, and more.

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