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She was a kind-hearted, giving and loving human being.

She is greatly missed by many and forever loved and remember.

I would have never went to work ma i would have never compared my own problems. It was only yesterday that you were outside picking up bugs with your pet raccoon, Bill or running through the house with a high pitched squeal after you showed Bill where the brown sugar was and spread it all over.

I will forever learn to be as kind and caring and selfless. And the destruction of the individuals left behind wishing they would have done more. It was only yesterday that you got on the school bus for the first time smiling and waving as I was holding back the tears of pride and sorrow that my little boy was growing up.

Beautiful, hard working, kind, open, always giving of yourself and your means, grandma, loving daughter, mother, caretaker.

My mother was honest, caring, and full of silly fun. And how i wish i could take back and add in plenty of things that may have been the strength you needed.

Till we meet again I will continue to live on with her deeply in my heart and spread kindness and love for my beautiful Callie Breanne Tolich.

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Claire Marie Dutton, born 03 October 1988, died 27 June 2014 in Bellingham, Washington, USAOur Remembrance Our dear Bear (Claire Marie Dutton) left us too soon, and without warning. Your baby girl is beautiful and we are taking good care of her.We missed the signs of depression and hope to help others not lose loved ones to this terrible disease.If you think your loved one is acting the least bit different, please talk to them. Ashley Russell Jessop, born 12 October 1971, died 20 March 2002 in South Australia Our Remembrance Beloved Husband Father Son Brother Grandson Cousin Nephew We Love You Always Your Spirit Will Live Forever Nicholas Rodney Drake, born 19 June 1948, died 25 November 1974 in Warwickshire, England Our Remembrance Rest in peace gentle soul. Gonyea Jennifer Ann, born 22 December 1981, died 22 January 2008 in New Hampshire, USAOur Remembrance My daughter Jennifer you are missed beyond my ability to express it.She will never be forgotten for her impact on all who met her-- and she will remain always in our hearts, and forever close by. I will always do my best to make sure your baby girl knows how much you adored her. Dawn Gautier, born 25 June 1980, died 15 January 2009 in Louisiana Our Remembrance My beautiful Girl. Caitlin Nuthall, born 22 December 1991, died 24 October 2012 in Victorville, California, USAOur Remembrance Lover of all animals, Caitlin was known to take in any strays that crossed her path - harboring them in secret in her room as a young child, and later taking them into her care as she traveled across the country as an adult.Joseph Nicolosi, Jr., born 10 April 1978, died 06 July 2011 in Ada, Oklahoma Our Remembrance For my Joey... She knows you are in her heart and will never leave. A student at Easton High School and Frederick Community College, Caitlin also volunteered at the Talbot County Humane Society, where she most enjoyed working with abused pit bulls.

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