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Marie had asked Pluto to give her all the riches of the earth, and Pluto had obliged by giving their daughter the power to summon gemstones.However, the gems she summoned were cursed, leading their buyers to horrible fates, and she and Marie ended up none the better.Upon learning that she'd been reincarnated, he resurrects Hazel instead, and she is brought to Camp Jupiter, where she is an integral part of the quest to rescue Thanatos. Despite being one of the (physically) youngest on the team, Hazel is very affectionate and motherly, and served as the primary source of comfort for Frank and Percy on their quest.She's very mature for her age, although this could be due to being around eighty years old.Instead, Hazel destroys the island with her powers, killing her, her mother, and Alcyoneus, and delaying Gaea's plan for the better part of a century.

And now Im going to to destroy you, Porphyrion, and feed you to your own wolves., on a school bus with his friend Leo and girlfriend Piper — except he doesn't remember either of them, or anything, really.

Over the course of the series he becomes less aloof, more willing to open up, and being more comfortable with himself and others.

As the son of Jupiter, he's blessed with the powers you'd expect the son of the lord of the sky to have — he can control wind (and can fly as a result of this) and lightning (as well as the weather if he tries hard enough).

Despite not having any superpowers directly useful in battle, she is still a competent warrior, fighting with the Celestial Bronze knife given to her by Luke Castellan.

Annabeth is stern and strict, but ultimately deeply caring and loyal.

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