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We credit him for launching Jim Lehrer, who is a host of popular shows like "Newsroom" and "News Hour," and Robert is the responsible guy for bringing "Monty Python's Flying Circus" to TV screens.

We recently lost such valuable TV personality, the loss which time can rarely remunerate.

His stance outreached a lot more public when he started dating an American actress, Scarlett Benchley the same year. He began dating since late 1990's, the time when he had his first crush on an American model, Angel Boris.

The couple shared a secret relationship, and same was the case with Sonja Morgan, an American TV personality.

He shared their parenthood with his elder brother, Andrew Wilson, and younger brother, Luke Wilson.

Late Robert Andrew, Owen's father, was a successful TV icon.

The relationship was indeed a short one that only lasted for two months.

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His father was Late Robert Andrew Wilson, a famous TV producer and his mother is Laura who is a photographer.Both the relations ended later, but the reasons didn't make their way up to the media and remained concealed within the artists.Owen, then, bonded with an Albanian singer, Xhoana Xheneti, but that was no more than a rumored relation as no echt pieces of evidence are available.We are digging out all the current happenings of the actor's life in this article.Owen Wilson, who maintained a low profile until last year, has gained limelight after the release of his movie Zoolander 2, starring Ben Stiller and Penelope Cruz.

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